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State Radio - Chadwick Stokes

State Radio Tour Dates

There are currently no scheduled State Radio Tour Dates.

Chadwick Stokes Tour Dates

Saturday April 25th
Munich, Germany @ Strom
no support
€14 - 8:30 Doors / 9:30 Show - Ages 14+
Tuesday April 28th
Muenster, Germany @ Gleis 22
w/ Elma
€14 - 8:30 Doors / 9:00 Show Ages - 14+
Wednesday April 29th
Berlin, Germany @ Monarch
w/ Marceese
€14 - 7:00PM Doors / 8:00PM Show - Ages 14+
Thursday April 30th
Cologne, Germany @ Kleiner Bogen at CBE
no opener
€14 - 7:00PM Doors / 8:00PM Show Ages - 14+
Saturday May 2nd
Hannover, Germany @ Lux
w/ Joe Astray
€14 - 7:00PM Doors / 8:00PM Show Ages - 14+
Sunday May 3rd
Hamburg, Germany @ Prinzenbar
w/ Joe Astray
€14 - 7:00pm Doors / 8:00PM Show - Ages 14+
Tuesday May 5th
Copenhagen, Denmark @ Ideal Bar
w/ TBA
kr.125 - 8:00PM Doors / 9:00PM Show - All Ages
Wednesday May 6th
Bremen, Germany @ Lagerhaus
w/ Elaz Palmer
€14 - 7:30PM Doors / 8:00PM Show - Ages 14+
Thursday May 7th
Dortmund, Germany @ FZW
w/ Joe Astray
€14 - 7:30PM Doors / 8:00PM Show - Ages 14+
Friday May 8th
Leffinge, Belgium @ Café de Zwerver
w/ Seagul
€5 - 9:00PM Show - Ages: TBC
Saturday May 9th
London, UK @ Boston Music Room
w/ Marc Halls
£13 - 7:00 PM Show - Ages 14+
Monday May 11th
Paris, France @ Les Trois Baudets
w/ Mark Berube & Firefly
€10 - 8PM (Doors)
Wednesday May 13th
Milan, Italy @ Biko
w/ Morning Tea
€15 - 9:00PM Doors / 10:00PM Show - Ages 18+
Thursday May 14th
Zurich, Switzerland @ El Dorado
no opener
CHF 22.60 - 7:30PM Doors / 8:00PM Show - Ages 18+
Friday May 15th
Graz, Austria @ PPC
w/ Chris Magerl
€16 - 7:00PM Show
Saturday May 16th
Budapest, Hungary @ GMK
w/ TBA
€3.2/4.8 - 7:30PM Doors / Show TBA - Ages 16+
Sunday May 17th
Vienna, Austria @ Arena
w/ TBA
€16 - 8:00PM Doors - Ages TBC

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